Curriculum Vitae


Prosthodontist and Oral Surgeon.

Former teacher, now Lecturer national and international.

Author to several clinical articles.

Founder and owner of Center for Odontological Development. A company dedicated to post graduated education in a wide range of subjects.

Member of DSOI and SPBT in Denmark, and EAO, ESCD and ITI-member.


Throughout the years I have been involved in a continuing education of dentists, with more or less intensity.

From 1977 and 5½ years forward, I was responsible for the education in Prosthetics at the School for Dental Hygienists and Assistants.

For a couple of years, I had the job as a clinical teacher at the Royal Dental College.

I have been lecturing in many different subjects over the years:

  • Prosthetics and several related topics
  • The Dyna® system/ the use of magnetic for retention
  • Radio Surgery
  • Soft Tissue Handling
  • Implantology / Oral surgery

And for the last eight years; a lot about:

  • The clinical aspect of using composite
  • Wedjets technique, my own exceptional creative development

I have been lecturing in the following countries:

  • Denmark
  • Faeroes
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Iceland

Center for Odontological Development

Through my company I have had the opportunity to function as a test center for different methods, materials and equipment.

  • Garrison Dental Solutions
  • Dansk Nordenta
  • IvoclarVivadent
  • D-34
  • Hu-Friedy
  • Rønvig Mfg
  • Directa
  • Lysta A/S
  • XO-Care A/S
  • m.fl

I am proud to be an opinion leader among dentists (Opinion Leader Meeting “State of the art in adhesive Restorations”, Geneva ,26-28/10-2006).

The Danish product InterGuard® got the five stars award in Reality because of mine ideas and clinical illustrations.

I have been intensively involved in developing The Odontosurge 4 for Radio surgery. Together with Lysta A/S we have developed a new lamp fulfilling my request for easier color determination. The Chroma method is based only on the visible light coming through the tooth.

I have been asked to help with marketing directed to the dental profession. I have delivered several clinical pictures, articles and made several suggestions how to create a brochure.

The latest example is the new XO-Care brochure for the XO Odontosurge, where I am responsible for all the pictures and some of the statements.(January 2009).

2003 – 2009

I have produced 9 Cd’s with very different topics. They have all a professional appearance and high quality pictures. They can easily be seen with the Autorun program installed. Just put them into your computer.

They represent of course my attitude and knowledge. The content reveals clearly my skills as a dentist.

The most popular Cd’s are “Direct Posterior restoration”, “Direct anterior restoration” and “Osteotomi and closed Sinus lift procedure”.

30.000 clinical pictures

My company “Center for Odontological Development” holds a library of approksimal ca. 30.000 clinical pictures.

They cover almost any clinical situation from bleaching to bone reconstruction with implant treatment. Many treatments are documented over a period of 15 to 20 years. This part of my work is essential.

Lectures in the past and this year to come

Hands on courses in handling modern composites in Denmark

Over the shoulder courses in my Clinic. Composite- and surgical procedures

Lectures in different subjects regarding handling modern composites

Lectures in “Bone harvesting”

Lectures in Sinus lift with Summer’s osteotomi technique

Lectures in osteotomi technique and bone splitting- /expansion


New lectures in “Bone harvesting”.

New lectures in “Radio Surgery – for advanced users”.

Lectures in “Aesthetic on implants”.

New courses in composit and implantology at my clinic.

“Hands on” courses in handling modern composites in Denmark.


New lectures in “Aesthetic on implants”.

New lectures in “Bone reconstruction before implant placements”.

Lectures in Osteotomi technique.

“Hands on” courses in handling modern composites in Denmark.

“Hands on” courses in handling modern composites on Iceland.


New lectures in “Osteotomi technique” and Sinus lift procedure.

“Hands on” courses in handling modern composites.


Opinion Leader Meeting “State of the art in adhesive Restorations”. We were 27 colleagues from all over the world. Geneva. (26 -28/10).

The difference between Cosmetic and Aesthetic direct restoration.

“Hands on” courses in handling modern composites in Denmark.

“Hands on” courses in handling modern composites on Iceland.


Expanded and moved the practice to a new address in the same city.

The beginning of a long series of composite courses in both Posterior and Anterior restorations.

Lectures in Radio Surgery for general clinicians.


Started lectures in Radio Surgery for general clinicians.


Opened up a new practice with referrals in oral surgery and implantology.

1991 – 1999

Several courses regarding prosthetic issues.

Upgrading my qualifications. Took Postgraduate courses in surgery and Implantology in several European countries.

1990 – 1991

The 10th of January was my first day in my new clinic in Nyborg / Fyn.


Founded a clinical practice in Copenhagen.


Graduated from Royal Dental College in Copenhagen.